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The French lead the world again in saying “non” to Muslim absurdities

I’m so happy that the French have upheld their Burkini ban, but I’m somewhat stunned that so many civil liberty groups are opposing it.

Well, I suppose the only good thing is that they are getting some vitamin d into their poor deprived and shamed cells.

Its more than just an ugly article of clothing, its a visible manifestation of extremely primitive beliefs.

I’m actually quiet surprised, that they go onto the beach in the south of France, in the first place! A haven for the satan inspired budgie smugglers and the giddy sun lovers from Knockerville. What sights they must see!

The civil liberties groups, have got it totally wrong. Would they be so supportive of a similar KKK or Nazi “ini”?

I really do think, they have taken their eye off the bigger picture, or else, they are perhaps being well funded by Muslim promoters in France.

I’m becoming a Francophile definitely. It seems to me in many ways, that they are becoming the true guardians of democracy, in the face of well financed primordial ramblings.

(Update: The French have reversed their decision, probably because of a misfounded view of civil rights. Who is going to benefit from this? Not good news!)

(Update Friday 26/8/16: Please don’t backtrack France!)

Vitamin  D deficiency in Muslim women:


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