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The shoe is on the other foot now!

First week of lockdown:

What a time we’re living in! The Corona Virus has led to World War 3 restrictions, without a visible enemy in sight. What were once dismissed as over the top OCD behaviours, will now be embraced as the new standard.

We decided yesterday to go to N********, but its just not worth going out to any town, which still seems to be clinging onto a false sense of normality.

My sister was very annoyed that we threw caution to the wind and went there again. I am now abiding by the HSE recommendations to stay inside, for at least a week.

One of the callers to the Joe Duffy radio show yesterday complained that Kildare Village is still operating, posing a threat to staff and customers alike. As if those with pockets deep enough for designer clothes, very much like the horsey Irish who went over to Cheltenham, are somehow immune to this virus.

For all their giving out about the Internet, people will be saved by its greatness. The only way my mother can see her grandkids now, is through a WhatsApp video call!

We are getting closer and closer to the cliff edge, but in some ways it is not such a huge departure for people like myself. We haven’t travelled abroad in a long time and having a “social life” is as memorialised as the term social isolation/social distancing now are.

The world will change beyond recognition, once this is all over.

As I said to one of my assistants last weekend, that the Irish badly need to learn better hygiene habits. Coughing into your crooked arm, is almost revelatory here.

We are now becoming like Spain, where you need written permission to leave your house. I’m sure once this has passed, their pretentious kissing culture will be tossed out too.

Thankfully, the way my crap coordination has been over the last few years, I have never been a hand shaker or a hugger. In a way people like myself, who do not like being touched, might now be on the acclaimed side of habits to come.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today, with social isolation relegating it to the dampest of pretended cheery days.

I’m certainly not one of those moronic doomsday sayer’s, but I find it interesting, that maybe people will put their faith more in science now, and actually be quite embarrassed about their misplaced convictions in books featuring talking snakes or a child loving warlord.

There are times, when you would genuinely love a crystal ball. How will everything unfold?

Will Britain, which seems to be coming very late to the table of realisation, act after the horse has bolted like Italy and Spain? They seem to be playing a game of Russian roulette, with their own people’s lives and those of their colony in Northern Ireland.

Any semblance of pretended normality is slipping away like a handshake that used to be!

The world will keep turning though and in a way there is some kind of nasty karma at work. How many other species have humans obliterated with abandon? We have gorged on raping the resources of the world, for far too long. The shoe is on the other foot now!

Again, it is a big sword of Damocles, that hangs over all of us elderly/physically poor. Apparently there is an 80% recovery rate from it, but in the survival of the fittest game, our fingers may be wrenched from these uncertain moorings.

For the moment, we are still steadfastly clinging on!

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