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The support for Trump cannot be dismissed!

Third Presidential Debate:

The final debate between these two, has pushed me back definitely to the side of Hillary Clinton.

I think Trump has become a parody, entirely of his own making.

To be honest, I don’t know how anyone in their right mind, could think of voting for him.

What really turned me off, was his emotive language used about abortion, delivering an almost evangelical description of the nine month old foetus, being ripped out of the womb.

I wonder will he show the same fervour in his deportation plans, or his lack of support  for the LGBT community, non Aryan’s….. and the rest of us. who are unfortunately long out of the womb.

Who is he really appealing to?

The gun toting, bible bashing plantation owner wannabe’s, given his wild west language, exclaiming how the US has to get the “bad hombres” that are in the country illegally out and a giant wall will do just that!

For some reason and not just because of last minute trends, I am less understanding of him.

To my surprise my cousin from San Francisco (who is married to an American citizen, so doesn’t have to fear deportation) was actually very much in favour of Trump and against Hillary Clinton.

With all the wikileaks scandals, she is hardly a paragon of virtue herself. Her perceived mendacity is perhaps one of the reasons why the poll’s are so tight.

In a country of hundreds of millions, are these really the best two candidates? If Hillary does win, how will she handle the huge number of her own populace, who clearly revile her?

With all the mud slinging and sniffled interruptions at best (or shouted objections) the current tally is so its still anyone’s game and complacency is no ones friend!

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Second Presidential Debate

(Update Monday 10/10/16)

Just watched the second debate and to be honest Hillary definitely won that hands down. Trump sounded petulant. The one thin I still can’t fully understand, is why even with an imploding campaign, there really isn’t that much of a difference in the polls between them. Certainly I think Hillary will win, but all that means is that she might just slip in through default. It seems that one candidate might be bad, the other worse and that the devil is in the detail.

First Presidential Debate:

(Update: Tuesday 27/09/16) I’ve just watched the presidential debate with great interest and to be honest for the first time ever I 

can see where Trump is getting his support from.

I think if I were an American citizen undergoing hard times, that I might overlook his indelicacies, in favour of his apparent aplomb in business matters.

His constant sniffled interruptions, were hardly presidential like.

It is also surprising that the religious right are so behind a serial adulterer, who has had five (acknowledged) kids with three different women.

Is he really their best option?

In spite of his cold, I thought he was a convincing speaker with many valid points.

Perhaps his overt viciousness is preferred, to a hidden ruthless streak, that many people see in Hillary Clinton.

Many of the points he gave, seemed to be spot on, but then again delivery is obviously not his forte!

Now I understand why they are almost neck and neck in the polls, despite the fact that hundreds of millions, have been spent on 

derogatory advertisements against him.

Will it all come down to money though, or are there principals and standards that America, just can’t afford to lose?

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