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There is more to living than a beating heart!

Last week I asked someone just out of inane chatter, how they were, to which they replied ” I”m great, I’m living”

Well, so is Michael Schumacher at the moment! So are countless Irish people all over the country. Trapped in bodies that don’t work and for whom the holidays were just another ordeal to get over

I thought this was a stomach churning response, which seems to be very prevalent, especially at this time of the year.

It seems straight out of the glossy textbooks, of many psycho babble experts. A sort of neat one liner response, which ultimately is a hallow over used response, wrapped up in mock profundity, and usually delivered with contained smugness.

As I saw on SKY, the new year being welcomed in with an explosion of colour. I thought of all those, for whom a new year is nothing more than an additional sentence.

Ultimately I thought of the (now late thankfully) Marie Fleming’ of this world and even the often disregarded homeless.

I hope people realise how they should be more careful with what they come out with, to essentially put more thought behind empty commonly used phrases.

I wish a great new year for everyone, a release for some and more “normal” surmountable problems for all of us.

Update 21/2/15: Now I am thinking, about both Michael Schumacher and Whitney Houston’ daughter Bobbi Cristina. They were both high profile cases, caught in the blurred line between life and death.

The last thing I saw, was that Bobbi was going to be taken out of her medically induced coma and given a tracheotomy. This brought back memories of my brother Joe.

Thankfully before he died of lung failure, we had the conversation with our mother that if any accident should happen, that death was certainly more favourable than clinging onto a very flimsy failing life.

The doctor sait when he had the lung failure, that they could have saved him by giving him a tracheotomy. Very thankfully my mother held firm, she said that he had suffered enough already and to let him go.

I often think that he could be alive now, battling against a decrepit body without even the ability to communicate.

What a nightmare!


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