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Ticketmaster, U2 and Profiteering.

On Monday morning, I finally got through on the ticketmaster line to be told that all the tickets were gone.

I was told that the lines had been crazy and a number of the U2 tickets for their concert in July in Croke Park, had already been sold through their fan club.

Thankfully the call rates have gone down to a supposed national rate (will check my bill at the end of the month) instead of the premium rate that it used to always be, often leading to a very expensive waste of time.

Ticketmaster have to take responsibility for allowing people to buy in multiples, quickly snapping up all of these coveted places.

Surely the maximum should be two or three (at most) per purchase.

Of course within hours those recently bought tickets were sold online at a considerable profit.

Why is there such a discrepancy between buying tickets online and through either ringing ticketmaster, or going directly to a outlet?

Why can up to six tickets be purchased online in one go, as opposed to being given a limit of four tickets at a Ticketmaster outlet

These things need to be looked at and money making profiteers stopped.

“Where the streets have no name” and other milestone songs, will have to just remain well visited YouTube clips and curses for that!

I’m sure their concert will be amazing, but I have no intentions of caving in to the profit making touts

I am well aware, that this blog reeks of hard cheese.

I am well aware of the law of supply and demand and even of first come, first served. Its just annoying, when there is not a level playing field to begin with


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