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Tired of Pollyanna Nationalists!

I have seen on the streets in Dublin this Christmas, collectors shaking their buckets with sanguuine efforts and aggressive vigour.

They almost try to elicit a kind of collective guilt “how could you not want to donate to our cause?” or “We’re donating to the refugees, children in war torn countries,” never mind the Irish person sleeping rough awkwardly close to them.

The thought that we are some country with bottomless pockets, ready and willing to provide for countless refugees, is a shocking barefaced lie!

Christmas for so many Irish people, is literally just another obstacle course, loaded with mines to navigate! Just get through the noise, fake fun and survive at great cost…

The harsh reality, is that there are so many Irish born people, who have had an appalling year round endurance test!

Forced to sleep in uncomfortable coffin like beds, using aged urinal bottles, while others continue to exist in a self congratulatory distopian illusion.

Praise for desiring for this wonderfully open society, or at the very least, national acclaim for seeking to achieve it in all its broken glory, should never come.

Especially not until we get our own house in order and tackle more of our own, internal problems. Before we invite others to set up permanent residency here!

I am increasingly frustrated with the reception offered to, in particular, Muslim refugees. These members of a bloodthirsty highly political ideology, which offers no distinction between religion and state and which is firmly lodged in the dark ages.

But lets overlook that, turn a blind eye to our ravaged Irish towns and keep the money flowing in hushed dull fear of any thought terminating criticism.

Why has Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries not made more of an effort to accept a single refugee, to help out in this situation? Is it really because they are belonging to a different branch (Shia) of the Muslim faith.

Surely Syrians would be much happier to continue to live in the Middle East. They drag themselves demandingly into European countries, requesting all their human rights, while native Irish people, with all their sadder plights, are just an ungainly sight to be camouflaged or silenced.

Do they believe in female genital mutilation, the subserviance of women, the death of gays and non believers? I have contacted the Dept of Justice to find out if these people are asked before they are given admission here, just where exactly their loyalty lies? To the Irish state or to the ramblings of an aged warlord?

No response yet!

Are these the beliefs that we actively wish to condone and endorse, at great financial cost? I am personally aware of some of the horror stories, which so many Irish people with disabilities endure. Third world conditions with a first world pretense.

A quote from Voltaire, which I think is very appropriate in these circumstances,  “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

I would like to understand the perverse psychology at work here. A sort of bloated national bravado, which seems to revel in a leafy chequed “Céad Míle Fáilte” to so many international onlookers, when so many Irish people live their lives in toilets and body entrapment.

There is a very ugly, uniquely Irish characteristic at work here. A back rubbing showiness, a circus mirror that certain ugly people can look into and see a glistening problem free society, beaming back.

We also have to look with scepticism at these governmental departments and charitable industries, who have boards of directors on six figure salaries. Whose/what agenda are they really trying to accomodate?

There is a huge population of Irish people silenced and bed bound by whatever physical or intellectual condition, dementia etc. Most do not have any voice, even though they were probably the generation who built Ireland, in their better and more able days.

Unfortunately as their minds and bodies disappear, the resources of the state should not be witheld from them and misspent on other more vocal, “trendier” groups.

Sometimes going through the streets of Dublin or a large Irish town, the impression is given that you are very much the intrusive foreigner.

I look around at the incredible short sightedness, behind allowing a group into Irish society which is fiercely convinced of our spiritual \cultural inferiority. Instead of honestly looking at what “superiority” forced them to flee their countries in the first place.

I know that I am part of the silent marginalized section of Irish society. Housebound and utterly dependent on others. But forgive me, if I say there is something very troubling ahead. Our house is very messy, but not beyond redemption.

One of the saddest sights I saw before Christmas were two elderly Irish people sitting on the cold pavement staring into a plastic container.

I look around and see not just a vanishing Ireland, but a vanquished one.

With the beginning of a new decade and an impending general election, hopefully we do not continue wilfully and blindly on this staged path.

(Update 06/02/2020: The one thing I have been dismayed about is all the parties ready willingness to build countless housing estates on government land, as a response to the housing crisis. Not one of them even attempted to investigate why there is such a shortage of housing. What happened to all the ghost estates that we used to hear about some years ago? I know that countless towns like Monasterevin have been absolutely pulverised and transformed forever by taking in thousands of Syrian refugees. Something is very wrong with this picture!)


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