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Trump-The President with no clothes

As I was turning off the telly last night, it seemed assured that in the morning there would not be a President Trump. The news reports saying that there had been a record turnout of Latino voters and even a huge overall turnout seemed promising.

I was up at 6 am this morning, tuning into a very different story. It really reminded me of Brexit and how the polls often are not reliable.

Whoever was going to be elected president, had the certain knowledge that half the population was going to detest them.

No matter what is said though, the American people have spoken in a very clear and decisive manner.

The one thing that was so surprising to me, is that even having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads about him, Clinton still couldn’t win.

There was absolutely no room for confusion. Perhaps Hillary Clinton, should quietly settle down to life as an adoring grandmother.

I welcomed his acceptance speech. He certainly does need to try and unite a very divided country.

I saw on FaceBook that a lot of my relations in America are totally stunned by the recent events. They are planning to abandon the US and move home, rather than endure a country with someone at the helm that they despise.

How can there be any middle ground reached between people of such polar opposite views?

I feel especially sorry for the LGBT community and women with unwanted pregnancies.

I wonder will things settle down though. Perhaps his tenure will not be as bad as people think. It remains to be seen!

It was a long and nasty process and thankfully we can at least have one more Christmas, before he takes the reigns of power and the foundations for his wall and the rest of his policies, get laid.

I’m sure that he will be very good for the economy, but as I have said before, will the price of this just be too high?

Update: Tuesday 17/01/17: Three days to go! I almost feel like America has made its bed and will just have to lie in it for the next 4 (8 years). Who knows, he might just surprise everyone. He doesn’t seem to be one for turning or back tracking on anything he says. The one thing I now understand totally, is that he speaks for the majority of the American people, like it or lump it!

Update: Monday 14/11/16: I got a long and detailed Facebook message from a friend in America, who thinks that the U.S might actually descend into another civil war, because of Trump’ election.

His other (much less dramatic) point was that President Trump will only be as changeable as people allow him to be.

He has not been given an overwhelming mandate, and there is still a significant chunk of the American population, that are vehemently against him and everything he believes in.

I think I am at the stage now, where I feel that the significant majority Americans who wanted him in office undeniably. Therefore, as one older American citizen that I saw on TV

said, that if they are not happy with him they can select another one in FOUR YEARS!

They very much made their own bed. Who knows, perhaps he will be a fantastic President. I believe the riots that are taking place, would have happened no matter who was elected.

He gets protests, but she would have gotten a bullet!

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