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U.S. election mayhem

Just as expected, this election has descended into a farcical mess.

I do agree with the Trump side though, that votes after election day should not be counted. This is an election with almost two years hype and surely no one can claim ignorance or indecision.

If they wanted their voices heard that bad, surely they would have queued up before sunrise on election day (like so many others did).

Or ensure their votes were safely in, giving no room for confusion!

The biggest impact of all this for me is the huge turn out for Trump. I still cannot understand the kind of hypnotic spell he yields.

Not all of his supporters can be dismissed as slack jawed bible bashers.

But even if they are, there’s obviously an awful lot of them, who feel they haven’t been properly listened to before.

Trump is launching supreme court bids for recounts, but I don’t think this situation is going to be neatly confined, to legal ruminations for much longer.

Sixty nine million Americans voted for Trump and their rifles are currently being caressed.

On the other side are the Black Lives Matter organisation etc. who are at polar opposites with the Trump philosophy and who will not back down from this impending fight.

What is going on over there, makes our own corona battle look a bit more subdued and off the headlines for a brief time.

The transmission rate here has gone down below one, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that there will not be a third lockdown after Christmas.

The Northern Ireland lockdown is apparently finished next Friday 13th and after that of course we will have a further surge, because of those day trippers.

We will have to import a new virus wave and our open airports and lack of proper track and trace, can and will easily achieve this!

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