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“Turning into them”——ebook available for purchase soon

aurostencilra bo virginrealis

Foreword: My ebook on spirituality, living with a degenerative disorder.

Choice always seems to be the targeted enemy of the death obsessed.

As my body implodes, and I find myself with too much empty time, I may as well cajole my fingers into painting a picture with words of how detestable I find it, when religions which claim to have a hotline to an invisible realm, seek to shape the laws for everyone else to live by.

Years ago, I started a few pages on spirituality, but my views have deepened, and my laziness over correcting spelling mistakes has improved (somewhat).

And yet there must be something lacking or suspect about unbelievers surely. Why can’t they just shut up, pay up and toe the line?. Now just who is the crazy party then?

I don’t want some hugely complicated philosophical ramblings on this topic. There are plenty of writings already, by those who are healthy, wealthy and dry. This is a huge topic, and I could type forever, but my clumsy fingers and a desire to have this out for christmas (which obviously didn’t materialisè) will not allow that.

It is very easy to pontificate about such lofty matters when you are looking and smelling good. Under the vast umbrella of disability, I am well aware that I can only speak for myself, and my own experiences. Something which only I am uniquely qualified to comment on.

Do I personally want euthanasia now? No. Do I think it should exist? Certainly, and for all those who drone on about the wonders of the next life, I really have to question, how much better this life would be, if it could only receive some more of their attention.

The following pages contain some personal journal entries, poetry and of course,some screaming rants into the buzzing and breathlessly clogged cyberspace. Some of the censored blogs first appeared, on my ẁebsite, a connector or the wider wòrld, and eventually a limited confidante.

I have worked on this project for years, but it has been resigned to a hard drive since then, largely out of a combined fear of alienating or offending anyone or any body. Now as my 40th approaches, my choices dwindle and my anger grows, this little ebook, is forcing me to confront those fears head on.

Its a short (around 150 pages) hopefully thought provoking read which should be available by the end of the month.

aurostencilra bo virginrealis

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