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Wake up Ireland to the dangers of Islam!

Reading “Nomad” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a powerful writer whose words are enriched and strengthened by having been born into the Muslim world.

This most primitive ideology, which has never experienced any kind of reformed thought, or the rigours of critical thinking, should always be actively opposed here.

98% of Egyptian women and similarly high numbers in other Muslim majority countries have been genitally mutilated.

Up to 6,000 Irish born citizens are reported to have shared the same fate! Yet the Irish women’s movement (indeed the entire feminist movement especially in the western world) are noticeable by their silence on this matter.

Only time will reveal the number of Irish born under-age girls, who have been forced abroad for an arranged marriage. Or to be strangled in an honour killing, for bringing shame on her family.

Such shame can happen from having the audacity to fancy someone of their own choosing, or becoming too westernised. All of this is perfectly understandable in a belief system where the hymen is sacrosanct and women’s rights are anathema,

She takes aim at the insular ghetto Muslim migrant communities, built in the infidel west and the clan mentality that elicits far greater loyalty than the laws of their adopted homeland.

These people come demanding minority rights, which are unheard of in the countries from which they have eagerly fled. Once here, let’s prevent the fluffy language of political  correctness becoming a tired anachronism for appeasement!

The Muslim mind has been proscribed to be closed and surely it should be the goal of naturalisation to enlighten their particularly medieval mindset.

How can anyone be remotely moral who believes that apostates, gays and blasphemers should be killed, women subjugated and the critical mind never allowed to develope?

With strained credulity. I have to ask, how they cannot admit and accept how brainwashed they are. Even the (disputed) origins of their lauded sect, all originating from a sixth century warlord, whose life episodes were pieced together over a hundred years after his death.

One of her memorable quote’ is to say that all Muslim emigrants are subject to a “racism of low expectations”. a mistaken belief that integration can never fully occur due to cultural differences.

Well, she is living proof that this is untrue. A mutilated refugee from Somalia, who chose to reject her arranged marriage and sought asylum in Holland, later becoming an elected Dutch parliament member.

Integration does not mean homogenisation. The aim is not for an influx of new Gaelic speaking, Christian church attending, Bodhrán playing, crude joke telling, dog and pig loving feminists, gay’ or humanist’.

But surely, a spirited embrace of some of the above is not unthinkable. Hirsi Ali places great importance on the liberating power of education, (not the kind of learning by rote in a Madrasa that she was used to) over clan allegiances that can only drag this culture down!


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