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When nice words just are not enough!

Recent events in my community have prompted me to write this blog. I know that people extract whatever meaning they want from a text, in order to suit their own agenda.

So, at the risk of sounding like an utterly despondent life hating cynic, I need to get this off my chest.

When your honest reaction to hearing of a death is “finally,” you know there something very amiss.

How or why can /should humans be expected to live through abject body decline (mental as well as physical) with no end in sight, only the fading allure of a “hereafter”.

The owner of a dog or a cat in daily pain with no prospect of recovering, would indeed be prosecuted if there were not taking to a vet to be out down.

It sickened me to the core, to be at the funeral recently of one such person, seeing an individual still alive, ashen faced from year’s and year’s of being housebound.

The funeral mass itself was a bit of a perverse joke, lauding the exploits of some body who who never experienced the slightest hint of such ordeals and yet who’s life is to be constantly worshipped.

The most annoying thing is that over 2000 year’s after his death, the laws that shape us today are still shackled by the remembered contents of his proscribed  verbal diarrhoea.

I have written about this for years, seemingly a voice in the wind.

We badly need a redefinition of what life and living entail.

Surely the laws surrounding this topic should not be governed by the ramblings of ancient desert itinerant’s.

Is it something I want for myself now? The answer is no, but I fully believe in the validity of euthanasia.

I, like many others are sentenced to die like dogs and this should not be the case.

At least from my vantage point I can at least bemoan the fact that this person at least had a life, with glorious infirmity not catching up, until her golden year’s.

The nicest tear inducing words, are merely just invidious platitudes in the face of daily indignities.

As long as I have still got some bark, I will keep pushing for some respectful change.

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