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When time is the enemy, thanks to Covid 19.

Week 2 of Lockdown

In these difficult times with no end in sight, it is more important than ever, to impose some sort of structure on your day.

A time for audio book listening, some exercise, Whatsapping and maybe a movie or three! Without such structure, time can be very unforgiving.

To witness so many flights still operating at Dublin airport and people coming and going without being quarantined, makes a mockery of the stringent efforts of the majority of Irish people, who are staying at home.

It may sound a bit extreme, but we certainly do not want to go through this again. At the moment, we are cowering before an invisible enemy, which could strike at any time and from any direction.

We are making such an effort as a people and the last thing we need is to get our own house in order, only to import other countries’ infected people.

I am strongly limiting the amount of people who come in to assist me, but it fills me with fury, to hear there are clusters of Covid 19 infected cases, in certain nursing homes. These are totally innocent lambs to the slaughter. Older people who have basically been locked down for years, but who now are deprived of even a family visit. They will (hopefully not) have to die, without even the comfort of a hand being held.

As we know, this is already happening in Spain, Italy and New York, where people die with at best the minimum of dignified farewell.

I video called my Spanish friends in Madrid yesterday and they seemed to think that it’s so bad now, as a direct result of slow action from the outset.

The first glimmer of community spirit that I got was on Saturday ringing my chemist, telling them that my mother had run out of her medication.

To my great surprise, he personally delivered them the next day on Sunday. Apparently they are doing this for everyone and it is fantastic.

Maybe we should take hope from the likes of Claire Byrne and Ryan Tubridy, who are getting over Covid 19 as do 80% of infected cases. Surely the race is on to find out what inner defence they have and copy it fast for the rest of us!

Thankfully the Internet is saving the world, like a true unsung hero! Remote education and work would not have been possible, even a couple of years ago. Also I’m sure, there would be mass hysteria without it. At least, we are able to be in contact with each other and be aware that we’re all experiencing the same difficulties.

The world has to change dramatically after we emerge bedraggled and long haired from our over accustomed cocoons.

We will be forever wary of any kind of physical contact and I think any kind of paper / coined currency will be gladly made redundant.

Will the inhabitants of the post corona world, having been so isolated, distanced, terrified and scarred, bear any resemblance to what they were previously like?

I truly hope that lockdown for the world will be over soon, but spare a thought for the percentage of society, for which lockdown is an ongoing and harsh taskmaster i.e the people for whom work, foreign travel and social lives are distant memories.

For once the animal kingdom and nature in general are looking down on us. How the tables have turned!

Oh, to be as free as a bird!

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