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Where’s the reward for safe driving in Ireland?

I’m so annoyed with insurance rates. Despite having seven years no claims bonus, my insurance still nearly doubled this year.

I just don’t see the logic!

Let the boy racers and the people who have big crashes justly pay the big premiums.

The crazy thing is that if you have any sort of small accident in your vehicle, you are advised to settle it yourself or else (veiled threat time) your premiums will sky rocket next year.

The “labour” costs charged by mechanics are borderline criminal, in my humble opinion. Why should a mechanic charge more than a top doctor?

I am tired of running up extra phone charges, for an elusive better quotation, which never materialises and I object to my accessible van always being categorised as a trade vehicle due to its size.

I was disappointed to read about the poor turnout, against the escalating insurance premiums this year.

Hopefully things will settle down soon, or maybe some new insurance companies will enter into the very tightly controlled Irish insurance sector

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