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Why did the pope do a runner?

It defies common sense that the pope should press the eject button on his tenure. Surely eight years as a revered demi-god has not been that uncomfortable a “job”?

He does seem more frail and I notice he now needs a walking stick. I would have thought that there could not be any immediate or fresh, sex abuse scandal that could have tipped the decision, leaving the church leaderless during its most important cult festival of the year. Read this afticle which in my mind explains how absolute power corrupts so absolutely.

I hope the gay priests do not end up taking all the rap. After all, the Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien was named “Bigot of the Year” by Stonewall for his vigourous opposition to same sex marriage, and he has fled in disgrace after sexuallyabusing a number of men.

The lure of power, money and control was obviously more important to him than not making life tougher for his `fellow  gay cult members. The man has been flouncing around in his red hat since 1985 after all.

Good riddance to him!

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