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Worship the real gods and its not jesus, buddha or mohammed!

I saw the other day on the telly, the RTE programme “Too young to die” Which documented four Irish couples with very sick children. To me is was a real testimony to the power of love. A small part of me though still believes that its quite cruel to keep a young child living in a pain ridden and/or deformed body.

As I stared around at some of the people I meet this week, hunched over the breakfast table, scooping cereal into the general direction of their mouth, and with half of it ending up on their clothes (I certainly know how this feels, It happens all too often with me). And yet this week we are all meant to revere a character who only had a few hours of suffering.

I just find the message of this week to be so insulting. It just seems to me that the return on a few hours of suffering is wholly disproportionate. If only the rest of us mere mortals could benefit from the same devotion and insane adulation!

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