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Lockdown for a long time!

Monday August 17th:

I now find myself retreating into an old habit of avoiding the news. Especially after last week’s grim news, of 200 new cases in Ireland, 81 of them being in Kildare.

Sometimes, I feel we are all playing a demoralising game of cat and mouse, where we are all going to be caught sooner or later.

Listening to the news about the hope of schools reopening and trying to shepherd classrooms of children through a potential daily minefield, does not give great hope for optimism.

A retired teacher friend of mine, noted the sanguine pressure being put on teachers during this time. One casual cough from them especially, or indeed anyone in the classroom, is going to instill pure terror.

If there is an outbreak in schools, where does the responsibility lie to take action? With the boards of management of the individual schools, or the HSE?

The months tick by and surely now we can think of the bitter blow that will be dealt to Christmas and the New Year. How can those celebrations bear any resemblance to past years?

We are all experiencing covid fatigue for sure. But when you hear about the amount of new cases, it really does make a mockery of all the silent majority’s strict efforts to avoid this contagion.

We will soon be into flu season and that is another major hurdle to overcome. Where can fingers be pointed? The airports still seem to be open and this virus can be given fresh life.

For an island nation, shame on us!

Link for this blog; The current state in Ireland with covid-19; https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/coronavirus-200-new-cases-reported-in-largest-daily-total-since-may-1.4331414

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