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A very disabled body-A joke without the humour

Yesterday, I went to see a one man play by a guy with Cerebral Palsy. Robert Softley’ evocative “If these spasms could speak” took place in the intimate Project theatre in Temple Bar.

From the moment he climbed …

The French have it right, when it comes to Muslim face covering

On an amazing holiday in Marseille and Nice, I was shocked to find a few fully veiled Muslim women, with just slits to allow them to see where they were going, trailing meekly behind their husband, chaperone, god.

The tour …

There’s always a proper way to exit the stage: RIP Joan Rivers

joanrThe world is a lot duller without Joan Rivers . Her ability to deliver unforgettable side splitting jokes, was a great gift to humanity.

I am glad though, that her daughter had the courage to pull the plug on her …