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Still kung flu dodging!

Week 3 of lockdown

The big news at the moment, is that Boris Johnson is in intensive care. To think that a few weeks ago he was largely dismissing this disease,

Positioning himself as a modern Winston Churchill during the war years, his own Chancellor gave his speech in which he said “Britain will get through this.” Famous last words!

I certainly hope not, as he has a child on the way. I have no doubt that his status and position, will afford him the very best medical intervention.

We really do need more focus on the 80% who do recover. People like Ryan Tubridy, Claire Byrne, Prince Charles and various medical practitioners, who have taken covid-19 on and emerged victorious.

Thankfully the postal service is still working and yesterday a letter arrived requesting my usual hefty sum on the first of May. This is some legacy of normality, in this crazy time.

A cynic could argue, that they are being a little bit brazen in not offering a discounted rate, considering the fact that we are all housebound.

Still the panic strings are pulled, with the thought of having to venture outside in an uninsured vehicle, regardless of the reason.

I thought it was very genuine and admirable that Leo Varadkar, is returning to the medical profession once a week, foregoing his pampered cocoon and electing for a very different route, replete with protective surgical gown, anguish and death.

We all keep stumbling on. Its hard to find any direction in a maze!

Stay safe!

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