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U.S. election mayhem

Just as expected, this election has descended into a farcical mess.

I do agree with the Trump side though, that votes after election day should not be counted. This is an election with almost two years hype and surely no …

Still here, less fear though (of covid-19)

Thursday June 4th; lockdown has certainly been accommodated, by the recent good weather. Restrictions of movement do not seem so pressing, when there is a heatwave outside and the garden is in full bloom.

Unfortunately the weather has temporarily changed, …

Ciao Pope Francis!

Now that the pope is gone, I have to say that I did enjoy watching it over the weekend ( my agency let me down again, so I was housebound!)

From the get go I was quite saddened by his …

Anti choice misuse of disability-Repeal the Eighth!

(Update Friday 9/03/18) Even though the following blog was done some time ago, a lot of my core ideas have not changed The tired old “pro-life” bandwagon will no doubt keep rolling out the same stifling rhetoric again. This is

“Terrorists will never win”…..but mission accomplished in Manchester.

So shocked to learn about the slaughter in Manchester. It defies belief and its further evidence that any form of religion really is mental poison.

The slayer of these innocents, has been inspired by a horrible blood loving creed, which …

Trump-The President with no clothes

As I was turning off the telly last night, it seemed assured that in the morning there would not be a President Trump. The news reports saying that there had been a record turnout of Latino voters and even a …

Cough up Apple Ireland!

(Update 05/10/17: How disgusting is it that the Irish government is being taken to the European court, for not collecting at least €13 billion in back taxes from a company that can so lavishly afford it. It defies belief!

That Mrs Browns Boys is so popular, is the biggest joke of all!

How could Mrs Browns Boys be voted the best British (?) sitcom of the century? It absolutely beggars belief!

From time to time I watch it, to try and decipher just what it is, that so many of my family …

Trump, “Under the Gun” and America’s impending IQ test

Original Post  2/8/16.

I’ve just finished watching “Under the Gun”, a powerful and revelatory look at the whole gun culture in the US.

Its hard to fathom how readily available guns are in that country, that you can buy a …

Got to organise the next Garth Brooks concerts better just give us another 20 years!


(Thursday 5/11/15: This old blog has just been revised for SEO purposes, that’s all. I don’t have dementia just yet!)

(Tuesday 8/7/14:Well its happened. I am angry with all concerned, from the arrogant G.A.A, shortsighted Croke Park residents (you