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Irish legal system turned its back on Marie Fleming

Originally posted 20/12/13

Update: Was it a guilty conscience on the part of  the state, that prompted it to pay most of her legal costs? Unfortunately, its a bit late to be displaying some face saving compassion or mercy

There is more to living than a beating heart!

Last week I asked someone just out of inane chatter, how they were, to which they replied ” I”m great, I’m living”

Well, so is Michael Schumacher at the moment! So are countless Irish people all over the country. Trapped …

English accents spoil Wicked musical experience a little

Maybe my expectations were just too high. I had first seen ‘Wicked’ in the Apollo Victoria Palace Theatre in London three years ago, and like so many all across the world, was mesmerised by the story and especially the stirring …

Bucket shaking to fuel executive high living, but who will suffer the most?

Originally posted 2/12/13

How many people will be cajoled into dropping money in noisily shaken buckets, by a sometimes expert at casually applying guilt tactics, in order ultimately to grease the palms of big “charity” organisation bigwigs.

When I was …