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Silence equals appeasement equals acquiescence!

I heard on the radio, about the deliberate vandalism of a Mosque in Galway. How the Muslim community there were left “terrified.”

This incident has prompted this blog, lest too much misdirected emotion or cattle calls of Islamophobia, begin to be ushered. It seems this act was met by either an uneasy silence, or thoughtless, distracting expressions of sympathy.

Firstly, this attack was not perpetrated by erudite people with profound theological issues. This was obviously carried out by mindless thugs, (they also vandalised the Irish flag) with far too much time on their hands.

I totally agree with the statement from Abdur Rahman Muhammad, that Islamophobia is a “loathsome term (and) is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche, conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks, for the purpose of beating down critics.

Is their ideology not a willful vandal of people’ and societal liberties, values and choices? Perhaps in this case, these vandals have invited others of their ilk?

The reality is that Islam is a highly political religion, which recognises no distinction between church and state.

We need the government to loosen its muzzle and take action against the Clonskeagh mosque who permit a speaker on their grounds, who has called for the death of gays.

How is this silence to be interpreted? What are the consequeces of stifled silences? I think this betrays our attempts as a country to move towards a more inclusive society, with an openly gay Taoiseach at its helm!

Silence equals appeasement equals acquiescence!

What I now feel more than ever, is that appeasement is absolutely as damaging as acquiescence.

To their shame, the Irish women’s groups are strangely silent about the position of women in Islamic culture, the genital mutilation of so many female Irish citizens and honour killings, which no doubt happen here as they do in other first world Muslim communities abroad.

Instead of resorting to acts of vandalism, which often backfires, surely its better to use other tactics to counter this toxic, primitive mind polluter.

It seems absolutely anathema to me, that supposedly intelligent thinking people, can devote their lives to and insist that everyone else follows, the ramblings of a sixth century warmonger, with a penchant for child love, who ascended into “heaven” on a winged stead.

I am certainly no proponent of any cult and I certainly do not believe in an “our cult is better than yours” trade, but with over 3,000 gods in the world, the idea that one group of people have access to the unflinching truth, as dictated by a book based on orally transmitted stories is especially repugnant!

But what harm are they doing?

This is a question which can only be raised, by the extremely ill informed, who perhaps purposely ignore the dystopian future that this ideology wishes to create.

I am sure that these people would be finer inhabitants of Ireland and the world, if they repudiated their beliefs on gay men and lesbians, the rights of women and independent minded Muslims who cannot buy into the mandated creed.

The rights of women, the poor cows which are slaughtered in such a horrific fashion for Halal meat, their utter disdain for dogs and other animals etc etc.

All these and more are reasons for simmering anger which are not addressed by the Irish government. Thankfully I can even voice these opinions now, free from our draconian blasphemy law, which sought to shamefully elevate and protect such beliefs.

Am loving a book about the life and mercurial wit of Gore Vidal (Every Time A Friend Succeeds Something Inside Me Dies; by Jay Parini). He gives a very good account of the “bad book” which so many of the monotheistic religions are based on, or plagiarised from (being no stranger to such tactics itself).

He laments peoples, all too consuming relationship with various sky gods and instead urges more of a commitment/belief in our shared humanity, liberating our minds from the shackles of primitive dark age beliefs, which this cult in particular, is mired in.

You can get away with so much under the mantle of religion, but anyone with the faintest of interest in history, will be fully aware of the effects, of dumb silence in the face of mind disrupting ideology.

Forgive me, if I cannot muster up too much sympathy for this event. I do wish though, that people would follow other means, to show their distaste for this stagnant creed!

My full empathy resides with the mutilated and divinely subjugated women, despised and condemned gay muslims, even the animals who die a horrific death, for the sake of halal meat. All of this and more, is mandated by their orally transmitted diatribe.

Rivers of blood have always been shed by those, who refuse to accept this mind dissolving creed.

I hope that this at the moment slumbering serpent, will take a long time to rise up and show its true fangs in this country. Unfortunately the maxim may be true that those who lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas!

P.S It pained me to put a capital “I” for Islam, “M” for Muslim, or capital “G” for God. But I didn’t want the whole page covered in red lines, so I had to give in.

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