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That Mrs Browns Boys is so popular, is the biggest joke of all!

How could Mrs Browns Boys be voted the best British (?) sitcom of the century? It absolutely beggars belief!

From time to time I watch it, to try and decipher just what it is, that so many of my family and friends are addicted to.

Am I the only one who considers this a national embarrassment?

I force myself to try and study, what the special ingredient is, for any glimpse of its international appeal. What has captivated so many and made this cartoonish depiction of all that is stereotypical about the traditional Irish family?

This diddly eye caricature of Ireland, with cursing!

All I’m waiting to see, is the guy from “Crystal Swing” gyrating across the living room in a tweed suit and tri-colour hat (with maybe an obligatory drunk leprechaun on his shoulder).

Given the current logic, it will certainly win “Best Episode of All Time”!

How can this nonsense have audiences in stitches, from China to Melbourne? Where does the great appeal lie and just what can’t I get?

The only morsel of positivity that I can muster about this show, is that at least O’Carroll can sumptuously provide for his extended family that work on the show, and still have lots of money left over to provide for his “charitable” donations.

That’s all!

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