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The sleep of reason produces Scientology et al

I’ve recently finished reading Jenna Miscavige Hill’ book “Beyond Belief”, which is an interesting book,written from a unique perspective.

Being the niece of the leader of this imploding cult, and knowing no other belief system, her book surely carries extra authority.

We are all merely banished thetans (spirits) occupying reincarnated physical matter. Homeless entities originally from an over-populated planet, and an over-whelmed galactic overlord called Xenu.

This, at least, was its founder L Ron Hubbard’s esteemed evolutionary theory. Does it come as any surprise that he was a celebrated science fiction writer?

This may be the accepted dogma of tomorrow, a bought and bullying mainstream fixture. Look at how the Mormon church in America, has now moved so deep into the fabric of society, that they field candidates for political election, and flexing their considerable financial muscle, to determine laws that affect everyone.

All the established religions of today, started off as obscure and fanciful cults. Time can play a very deceptive game! Once you enslave your critical mind, to such an extent that what you talk about, do or screw (or not) is dictated by others. You are gone, a robotic shadow of your former self.

David Miscavige, the now embattled leader of Scientology, himself started off as a Catholic. From the frying pan to the fire?

His niece has thankfully blown (scientology lingo meaning left on bad terms) the church, and its celebrity endorsed teachings/ramblings.

I have seen video clips telling about the suicide of L Ron Hubbard’ gay son Quentin and about their views on disability. I will never understand why so many healthy “normal” people, so casually fritter away the best years of their lives for the sake of such nonsense.

The old adage is true, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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